Students participate in developing ways to prevent flu cases.

School of Public Health

Dr. Aly Padilla, Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, assigned her undergraduate students an interesting project in her Origins of Epidemics class. The project’s objectives were to create awareness, begin the conversation about the ongoing Flu epidemic and/or educate our school (students, faculty and staff) on the “Take 3” Actions to Fight the Flu from the CDC in order to prevent flu cases and further spread in our school. Students were given markers, a blank poster board and had 2 days to come up with their design for their poster. This assignment was not mandatory and was done in teams of 2 students per poster, we had over 30 posters in a class of 78 students!
Congratulations to Kylie Morris and William Wallace for creating the winning poster based on the voting of their classmates.