Professor and Interim Dean

School of Public Health

“Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations,” the leading textbook in the field for the past 25 years, has published its eighth edition to keep pace with the significant changes altering the health care landscape.

The text, co-authored by Professor Peter Ginter, Ph.D., interim dean of the School of Public Health, and Jack Duncan, Ph.D., professor emeritus and University Scholar Emeritus in the Collat School of Business and the School of Public Health, was first published almost three decades ago. Ginter said that he and Duncan, together with Linda Swayne, Ph.D., a professor of marketing at UNC Charlotte and co-author, then observed that health care was experiencing rapid change.

“Significant change continues today, altering the health care landscape, and subsequently, the rules for success for health care organizations,” Ginter said. “Regulatory changes, as well as significant economic, technological, social, political and competitive changes in health care are likely to continue.”

“To cope with those changes, health care organizations systematically have implemented strategic management processes as health care leaders find that strategic thinking, planning and managing strategic momentum are essential for coping with the changing dynamics of the industry,” Ginter said.

The newest edition has individual chapter introductions, a strategic management competency section, step-by-step processes for accomplishing concepts described in each chapter, numerous health care context sidebars (several written by UAB faculty), bulleted summaries containing practical advice for health care managers and real-world examples of concepts addressed. In addition, new strategic planning resources, an updated glossary and 14 case studies are provided.

“We believe that strategic management has become the single clearest manifestation of effective leadership in health care organizations,” Ginter added.