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Many students, whether they are already working in the field or hoping to enter it, are turning to dual degree programs. There are many combinations available, but one that has become especially popular is the MBA combined with a healthcare management degree. An MBA gives clinical professionals the managerial credibility they need to advocate for patients, guide policy decisions, and lead a diverse staff; a healthcare degree, in turn, gives management professionals an understanding of the specialized needs of the healthcare sector and how it differs from traditional business. Masters of Public Health (MPH) and Masters of Health Administration (MHA) are the most common, though there are other variations.

These kinds of dual degree programs are still relatively rare, but they are increasing in availability as student interest goes up. Universities are putting colleges and schools of business, public health, public policy, and others in conversation to develop dual programs, and in some cases different universities are even collaborating to meet the needs of a dual degree. And as long as these degrees are still competitive and hard to come by, they have a special value on the job market, setting dual degree holders obviously apart from their competition.

The Value Colleges method shows us which colleges and universities deliver a combination of affordability, educational quality, and job market success. Prospective students can trust that every program featured by Value Colleges is reputable, accredited, and, most importantly, puts their money where their mouth is – and does everything they can to send their graduates out into a rewarding lifelong career.

The Value Colleges #1 dual degree value comes from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Originally founded as an extension campus for the UA flagship, the Birmingham branch has since become one of the research and intellectual centers of the Deep South, known especially for the UAB Health Center, one of the most respected academic medical campuses in the nation. The city of Birmingham is the economic capital it is today largely because of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

UAB’s expertise in medicine and business come together in the dual MPH/MBA degree program. The Collat School of Business, and the School of Public Health at UAB, have combined their programs to prepare the kinds of world-changing managers the public health field will need for the future. Students must be admitted to both programs independently, and 2 MPH courses can be accepted for the MBA program, shortening the overall coursework schedule. With AACSB business accreditation, and Council on Education for Public Health accreditation for public health, the UAB dual degree is a model program and a perfect value.

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