Biostatistics Program Competencies

Department of Biostatistics
Competencies for Degree Programs (MSPH, MS, DRPH, PHD)

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MS-BST 1: Apply descriptive and inferential methodologies according to the type of study design for answering a particular research question.

MS-BST 2: Understand issues of data collection, analysis and study management.

MS-BST 3: Propose and complete research project appropriate for addressing a specific research question in statistics or in an applied field.

MS-BST 4: Effectively communicate research results orally and in writing across the spectrum of scientific venues.

MS-BST 5: Critically evaluate published research.



MSPH-BST 1: Identify and apply appropriate descriptive and inferential statistical methodologies according to the type of study design for answer a particular research question.

MSPH-BST 2: Effectively communicate statistical methods and research results orally and in writing across the spectrum of scientific venues to biostatisticians and non-biostatistician public health professionals.

MSPH-BST 3:Critically evaluate the design of research studies, data collection methods, analysis methods, and results of published research.

MSPH-BST 4: Utilize common computer and statistical programs to analyze, describe, and present statistical data and results.

MSPH-BST 5: Demonstrate an understanding of the ethics of statistical aspects of scientific research.

MSPH-BST 6: Demonstrate application of biostatistics in an area of specialization by designing a proposal for a research study, performing the analysis and providing a written presentation of the results.



UAB SOPH Core DrPH Competencies
DRPH 1: Demonstrate in‐depth understanding of the core areas of public health theory, policy, and practice.  

DRPH 2: Analyze policy issues and challenges in public health using credible research designs and statistical methods.  

DRPH 3: Research relevant literature and synthesize the findings.  

DRPH 4: Evaluate information to develop appropriate strategies to address public health challenges in an area of specialization.  

DRPH 5: Implement interventions to address public health challenges.  

DRPH 6: Demonstrate skill in oral and written communication to varied audiences. 

Biostatistics DrPH Competencies  
DrPH‐BST 1:   Apply advanced biostatistical techniques to public health research. 

DrPH‐BST 2:  Identify and critically evaluate biostatistical techniques in an area of specialization.

 DrPH‐BST 3:  Effectively design a public health research proposal, design and manage the database, and perform the analysis of the research in a public health area of specialization. 

DrPH‐BST 4:  Demonstrate an understanding of probability, estimation, and inference as applied to design and analysis of public health research. 

DrPH‐BST 5:  Effectively communicate the public health implications of an applied biostatistical analysis. 


PHD-BST 1: Explain the theoretical justifications for statistical methodologies.

PHD-BST 2: Apply statistical techniques with rigorous evaluation of any required distributional assumptions.

PHD-BST 3: Design scientific investigations with collaborators.

PHD-BST 4: Critically evaluate the statistical literature relevant to a specific statistical method or design.

PHD-BST 5: Write publishable articles that advance public health and/or statistical theory/methodology.





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